How to create SaaS forum at - SaaS forum builder, software as a service that give any people opportunity create own forum or online community in 10 step only spend 5 minutes without installations, special maintenance or development skills required. It's very easy way to build own online community that unite people by interests, hobby, place, work or business.

Step 1

Sign Up at

Step 2

Select name, tariff plan and subdomain for your forum. 

Step 3

Download logo, favicon and add main info about your forum Title, Description, Keywords etc.

Step 4

Customize color style of your forum.

Step 5

Create structure of your forum, add main categories and subcategories.

Step 6

Select 1 of 3 (Social Network or Forum or Support) template types that you need.

Step 7

Can connect own domain, add more admins, and use other more deep settings if you need. 

Step 8

Create your first topic!

That's All Ready for Use!

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